There's a Problem with the Current Vision Board Trend

Unpopular opinion time.

But this is what makes me a thought leader, right?  

Real visioning process, teaches you how to create and use vision boards for real results. Yes, this is fun – but it also works!

I am deeply disturbed by the direction traditional vision board classes are taking. A very powerful tool for communicating directly with your psyche has been turned into a glorified arts and crafts project. Thus, it’s lost a lot of respect as a tool for business and life. Vision boarding, in the wrong teacher’s hands, becomes nothing more than a scrapbooking project for wishes and dreams. Then, add the current trend of drinking and doing the process and you have a complete mess. I have nothing against alcohol. However, altering consciousness while trying to access it seems to be a bit counter productive, don’t you think?

How serious are you about visioning? Well, do you want it to work?

Do you want your visioning work to actually work or is it a...

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#MeToo - An Awareness Study - Results Revealed!


#MeToo - An Awareness Study - Results Revealed!

            The serendipity has not been lost on me that, recently, TIME magazine has named those who came forward in the Harvey Weinstein case, Person of the Year.

Dubbed “The Silence Breakers” TIME recognizes them as the group responsible for starting a nameless movement. Well, one of those movements has a name. It’s called the #MeToo movement. The #MeToo movement erupted when Allyssa Milano took a public stance and urged women who had been impacted by sexual assault to use #MeToo on social media posts. The movement was widely participated in and received a great deal of media attention. Curious about the impact of negative news on awareness and the formation of movements, I conducted a study with 203 participants.

 The Participants

 Participants were located through personal connections, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through Facebook...

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I Was Raised to Look for Crappertunity

My mother has been the most beautiful example of resilience in my life.

At age 46, after 25 years of marriage, my mother found herself needing to divorce my father. Divorce is life disrupting on its own. But, on top of the divorce, like many housewives, she also needed to find a way to make money. She had to reinvent herself from scratch. By age 49, she had done just that. She graduated from nursing school and was an LVN. There’s one tiny detail. She had me to raise. I was eight years old at that time. She made less than $6.00 an hour working at a local nursing home in our small town of Devine, Texas. What was an option was making it work. Vienna sausages, sardines, crackers, cereal, soup, and free school lunches was the food of my childhood. No, was a regular word in our household. It a regular word in a lot of households where money is in short supply. We couldn’t afford a lot of the things a kid in the 80s would want. I wanted a new Cabbage Patch Kid. I got a used...

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Live or Die - I Had to Face Uncertainty


It’s really hard for me to believe that a little more than a year ago, on an overcast October day, I was heading 80 mph at an 18-wheeler with a decision to make: accelerate and live, swerve into the ditch to the left and be injured or die, or do nothing and definitely die.

It was one final straw that created the critical situation.

            A year ago, I was at the end of my rope. I was lost. Six months prior, I had been laid off from my position as Director of Marketing and Communication with a software company. One day, tempted by more money and perceived opportunity, I had left a solid contract position with the state of Nevada as a Communication Consultant for a position with a startup which provided near six-figure compensation. The following year I was on the phone with the unemployment office. When I made the decision to restart my business, I was filled with a heart and mind-stiffening fear. Almost immediately,...

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