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What Works Coaching helps answer a wide variety of business strategy, marketing communication and business mindset questions for clients. We coach in Law of Attraction, building strong business foundations, business planning, communication strategies and team building. We help our clients build the right teams and show them what to do and how to fish so they can eat for life. Anyone can write a business plan for you or do your ad campaign. We use 18+ years experience of doing to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO. That way, you’ll stop asking the same questions over and over again and earn more by doing What Works.

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Diane Dye Hansen is the Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching, a coaching and consulting firm that has helped people worldwide with their businesses, careers, mindsets, and profit margins. She brings to her clients 20 years of experience with clients ranging from top corporations, to motivated entrepreneurs and individuals hungry for a fresh start. Her experience spans a diverse blend of industries, including: health care, publishing, media, entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, cosmetics, internet marketing, civic leadership and government. She serves on a number of boards in Carson City, Nevada and stays involved in community revitalization. Never one to abandon her creative side, you’ll also find her on acting on stage in both Carson City in Reno. She encourages her clients to set goals to live full and successful lives.


The disruptive phrase CrappertunityTM came out of Diane Dye Hansen’s mouth when her work with a software company ended. “It was my biggest project. One I thought would lead to owning stock in a hot tech start up. And, in an instant, it was gone.” This sent Hansen into a tail spin. In a flurry of activity surrounding the steep income change, she paused. Yes, this was a terrible situation, crappy one might say. But maybe, just maybe, it was an opportunity as well. Within days of the word “Crappertunity” escaping Hansen’s lips, she had registered crappertunity.com and started the trademarking process. “It was like a lightening bolt,” said Hansen. “I knew in my heart of hearts that there was something that happened in moments of crisis where companies used the crisis to be successful. Or, conversely, they spiraled down into failure.” This drove Hansen to speak to her professors at the University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, who encouraged her to explore her theory and develop it during her practicum. “There is a moment where it can go either way. A company can fail or it can become greater than it was before the crisis,” she emphasizes. A cursory look at history shows there may be something to Hansen’s theory. Research will tell.


Crappertunity is the term which defines a generative micro-moment which takes place when a business faces crisis or failure. As a result of certain actions taken by leadership at the time of the crisis or failure, opportunity is produced from the negative situation. What is at stake here is groundbreaking for businesses experiencing times of struggle. When in crisis or during a troublesome transition, a business owner or leader can look to Crappertunity for researched best practices on how to uncover the opportunity in the crisis. The business gains. The community gains. Workers keep their jobs. As a side effect, individuals will be inspired about their lives – knowing that the steps presented are actions which have pulled businesses from the brink of failure.

The development of the theory is taking place now. However, if you want to see it developed as it comes together, this will be one of the first theories developed in the public eye. Crappertunity interviews will be broadcast on YouTube and recorded on Skype. The web site will launch and will take shape as the theory does, opening the door to your business stories about crisis transforming into success.

If you would like to sign up to receive information about the theory, you can join the list here. 


The theory of Crappertunity is being developed in part as a portion of a practicum at the University of Southern California. The project is spearheaded by Diane Dye Hansen, Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching.

Behind her, Diane has a team of professors and mentors who, although they have no financial stake in the project, believe in it.


Assistant Director of the Master of Communication Management graduate program
University of Southern California

Daniela Baroffio received her Ph.D. from USC Annenberg in 2006 and now serves as a Clinical Associate Professor, teaching foundational theory courses in the undergraduate program and research methods in the graduate programs. As faculty in the undergraduate program at USC Annenberg, Dr. Baroffio teaches courses that examine the politics of gender in the media, interpretations of popular culture, and the politics of social change and advocacy in the political economy of the entertainment industry. As Assistant Director of the Master of Communication Management graduate program, Baroffio (together with Dr. Ben Lee and Dr. Mathew Curtis) guides communication management students in their capstone course, assisting and guiding students in the research design, collection of data and analysis of data for their own original research. At the administrative level, she also serves as the faculty advisor for all progressive B.A./M.A. students.

Dr. Baroffio has published an essay on sports and gender in the Handbook of Sports and Media and her current research and teaching interests examine the potential for social change and advocacy in entertainment, media and marketing with a focus on the possibilities and limitations posed by the current political economy. Baroffio is passionate about teaching and assisting her students in their academic and professional growth.


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